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Passed the test! Basic+ earned!

I finished my Basic qualification exam last weekend with a 95%, earning me access to all the Canadian ham bands. I've got a power limit of 250W DC transmitter input power and can't build my own transmitters, but I imagine that will keep me going for some time.

The test was pretty straightforward, all the questions are available ahead of time and Industry Canada even provides a practice test generation tool using those questions. Run through a dozen or so tests and you start to learn the correct answers, most of which are regarding regulations and operating procedures. Add a decent understanding of electronics to fill out the technical questions and it's pretty easy to get a good score and earn the additional honours privileges.

Thanks to Gary VE7AS for administering my test, and buying me breakfast!

Now christened as VE7XEN, I've decided to start this blog about my radio-related endeavours.


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